Chest castings raise money for nonprofit



Twenty-five volunteers stepped up and had plaster casts made of their chests for Breasts of Colorado, a fundraiser for Sense of Security, which is a nonprofit organization providing financial assistance to those battling breast cancer.

“We did Breasts of Colorado for the first time last year and we were able to raise $10,000 for Sense of Security. The reason we decided to raise money for Sense of Security is the money goes to help breast cancer patients here in Colorado,” said Rosemarie Cabal, who headed the project supported by the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce. “We will put the castings on display for the Sept. 19 show here at our hair salon and art gallery.”

The art show will be from 5 to 9 p.m. Sept. 19 at Cuttn’ it Loose Salon, 901 Englewood Parkway, Suite 100. There will be a live band and a silent auction. The castings will be judged and there will be prizes given to the artists and subjects of the top three castings.

Breasts of Colorado is an art exhibit and fundraising event that is based on similar events held by California's Keep-A-Breast Foundation and Breast Impressions of Tulsa, Okla. 

When a casting is made and the plaster dries, the castings are handed off to local artists who consult with the volunteer and decorate the casting to create art works that reflect something of that individual’s character and activities.

Each volunteer is asked to raise $250 to “ransom” the casting. Many of the castings are also put up for auction to raise more money for the project, with the proceeds of the silent auction going to Sense of Security. Sense of Security helps people who are going through breast cancer treatment with basic living expenses such as rent, groceries and utilities.

Vicky Tosher, founder of Sense of Security, was one of those who stepped up to have plaster casts made of their chests.

“It was cozy and felt just fine,” she said. “Then, I have been poked and prodded in the chest area by doctors for years, so having a plaster cast made was no problem.”

Sense of Security was established in 1999 and awarded its first grant to an individual undergoing treatment for breast cancer in 2000.

“We are proud the Breasts of Colorado selected us to receive the money the project raises,” said Rita McCoy, Sense of Security director. “We provide grants to an individual for up to six months. Often the breast cancer and the treatment mean an individual can’t work, so our grants help them deal with routine household expenses. There have been cases where our grants have meant there have been breast cancer patients who did not lose their homes because they couldn’t pay the mortgage.”


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