Elks hold Flag Day ceremony


Englewood Elks Lodge 2122 held its annual Flag Day ceremony on June 15.

“In 1911, The Elks Grand Lodge adopted the resolution establishing June 14 as Flag Day and established mandatory observance of Flag Day by every Elks lodge,” said Chris Blakely, exalted ruler of the Englewood lodge. “Our program today seeks to help people understand how the symbol of our country evolved to the flag we fly today.”

President Harry Truman established June 14 as Flag Day, but Pennsylvania is the only state that has established Flag Day as a recognized holiday for its employees.

For the June 15 event, a podium and flag stands were set up near the south end of the lodge parking lot. Blakely officiated, and as he talked about each flag, a member of the lodge brought in the flag and posted it in the stand.

The presentation talked about nine different American flags and the POW flag. Flags posted include two flown by colonies in the 1760s to the one flown by the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. There were several changes made to the flag until the design evolved to the 50-star flag we fly today.

Blakely and other lodge officials also talked about lodge and its community service programs.

Julie Saltzman of Littleton jotted down some notes during the presentation as she sat in the audience of about 50 people attending the presentation.

“A friend told me about today’s program and I decided to come because I really don’t as much as I should the history of our flag,” she said. “My parents came to the States from Poland and I was born in Nebraska. I went to school there but I don’t remember learning much about the history of our flag. Because this is my country and my flag, I wanted to know more about it.”

She said the program was very informative,and some of the things she learned, she planned to teach her grandchildren.

Blakely said after the presentation that he would like to find a way to attract more people to the annual Flag Day ceremony.

“We did have some people stop by because we invited some members of the Military Vehicles Collectors of Colorado to bring and display some of their equipment,” he said. “We want to invite them back next year and hopefully we’ll have a bigger crowd.”


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