Gillit stresses business outlook


Since he is unopposed, incumbent Rick Gillit is assured of serving another four-year term representing District 4 on the Englewood City Council.

Gillit was born in Bavaria, Germany. His mother married an American soldier and the family was stationed at several bases in that country. The family came to the United States when Gillit was 16 and he joined the Air Force at 18. He took his discharge after eight years in the service.

He is a naturalized American citizen and came to Englewood in 1986. He earned his degree in electrical technology from Arapahoe Community College.

He and his wife, Rhonda Jo, have no children. He currently owns and operates a real estate and mortgage business.

Gillit’s answers to Colorado Community Media’s candidate questions are:

Why are you seeking this office?

Four years ago, I focused on bringing sound leadership with a strong business experience to this council seat. Running a city is similar to running a business. My management experience in large corporations, as well as my own business, is a great tool in running the city’s business. I wish to continue incorporating these core strengths in my next term.

Another goal was to break up the “Good Ole Boy” network within city politics. I believe great strides have been made in getting people involved, based in one’s willingness to serve, not who they knew. This task is not yet completed.

What makes you the best person for the job?

My proven leadership and business experience make me a great candidate for this executive position. I understand that not all decisions are easy and some may even be unpopular with other council members. My number one focus is “What is BEST for my district and the residents of Englewood” not myself, or any other private business or entity. I have had the courage to stand, sometimes alone, on what I felt were bad decisions being made by others on council and the city staff. Yet I have also been able to collaborate with those I may have disagreements with and work together to get the city’s business done! I believe this is what is expected from our bosses, the residents of District 4 and Englewood!

I know how to work hard representing my district’s interests and goals! What makes me the best choice is proven leadership and common sense!

What do you believe is the most important issue facing Englewood and how will you approach it, if elected?  

What I believe is the most important issue for me in the next four years is working on bringing good sound businesses to Englewood. Not all business are good businesses. We need to focus on building a business community and environment that other businesses want to come and be a part of. To do this, we as council must decide what kind of business Englewood wants to encourage. This will take some rethinking of recent and past decisions on what stores are most valuable to our residents and other surrounding businesses. Broadway from Hampden Avenue to Belleview has had little to no vitalization or focus from our city for years and this must be a priority for the next council. Our residents want it, and our businesses need it!

The city’s finances are always a hot item, but new strong businesses will fix that problem, not raising our taxes!

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