Modmarket now open at Kent Place


Dan McMillan brought his two daughters to the new Modmarket restaurant in Kent Place for breakfast Aug. 1, and the family gave the food and the facility a thumbs-up rating.

“I thought the food was very good and it was healthy,” Dan said.

His daughter Lauren echoed his comments, adding that her waffle was tasty and it was a healthy meal. Her younger sister Elizabeth added that she liked the way the waffles were placed in a circle.

The Modmarket is a fast-casual restaurant offering simple, wholesome food prepared from scratch. Prices range from $6 to $10 for menu items that include breakfast, salads, soups, sandwiches, pizza and full meals.

This is the fifth Modmarket location. The layouts of all the locations are similar in that the kitchens are open so customers can watch their meals being prepared.

“We pride ourselves that we make everything right here, fresh every day,” said Pete Petrilli, general manager. “It has only been one day since we opened, but so far people have told us they are glad we are here. I think people are happy to have a place offering fresh, healthy meals at an affordable price they can visit more than once a week.”

Petrilli was general manager of the Modmarket in Glendale and was transferred to the Kent Place location to oversee the process to get the restaurant open.

“This is our fifth store, so we sort of have the opening system down pat, almost,” he said with a smile. “There are always the unexpected situations with construction as Modmarket goes from being an empty box to a restaurant ready to serve customers. It was sort of a juggling act, making sure everything was installed on time and the staff scheduled for the proper amount of training.”

The store officially opened July 31 and, on Aug. 1, Petrilli said he was very pleased with the way the restaurant has been received.

“We have seen a lot of people who we have seen as customers in Glendale and Greenwood Village who live in this area and they are happy to have us here,” the manager said. “We have also seen a lot of new people. The other four stores are generally located in commercial areas, but this store is part of a neighborhood and we are seeing a lot of individuals, couples and families walking or riding their bikes to the restaurant.”

He said, in the early going, traditional favorites at the other stores seem to be holding true at the Kent Place restaurant. He said favorites include the superfood salad and the farmer salad, plus he said the prosciutto and pepe pizzas are in great demand.

He said he’ll have about 30 employees at the store and the majority of the employees will work at least 30 hours a week.

Petrilli said he wants people to understand Modmarket is a responsible company that would like to help people change the way they eat, by having them discover that  healthy food can taste delicious and stick to the ribs.

“S0, we take the extra step to get the best ingredients and hire talented cooks to prepare delicious, high-quality, healthy food at a price that allows frequent visits,” he said.


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