Salon takes on gallery role


Paintings of dogs and other subjects hang on the walls of Cuttn’ it Loose Salon for a newly opened show about the hot summer days and the things we do with them.

“We have a lot of wall space, and artist Kyle Banister suggested we put up some art, so we held our first art show a couple months ago. People seemed to like it, so now our plans are to have a new show every two months,” said Rosemarie Cabral, co-owner of the salon in CityCenter Englewood. “This show is about Dog Days of Summer and the artworks will be up for a while. Then we plan to open the next show on Sept. 19 that will be called ‘Breasts of Colorado,’ artist-decorated castings of the chests of volunteers that are part of a fundraiser to combat breast cancer.”

There isn’t much to see looking through the salon’s windows, but going through the door, there is art just about everywhere. There is a large painting near the door, and other artworks, some framed and some unframed, cover most vacant space on the walls throughout the salon.

The displays are the works of 13 local artists: Gabriel Molton, Vinton Ervin, Neil Scherrer, Gail Firmin, Kelli Jimerson, Michael Rieger, Rober Platz, Eric Matelski, Patrick Gerace, Lea Wells, Kyle Banister, Norma Purer and Rosemarie Cabral.

There are paintings of actors like Sam Elliott in cowboy attire and, further down the same wall, there are a number of paintings of several different dogs.

One of the largest works is Eric Matelski’s portrait of a German shepherd-chow mix, Cole.

“I had Cole for 12 years and the dog was my muse from the time he was a puppy. I am an artist so it is only natural that I should paint pictures of him,” the artist said. “This large portrait was from Cole having fun on Cannon Beach in California.”

Matelski said he painted portraits of Cole throughout the dog’s life and, until now, the works have been private and he has never put them in a show.

“I had to put Cole down in September of last year and I miss him,” the artist said. “I would like to get another dog, so I decided to display Cole’s painting in this show. If, by chance, I am able to pass along one of these paintings, I plan to put the money toward another dog. It will be like Cole and I go shopping together.”

The artist said, besides his dog, his current favorite thing to paint is concerts and bands.

“I like painting related to music, particularly jazz,” he said. “I got started painting portraits of musicians and then expanded to doing more interpretive paintings at concerts.”

He said the places he goes features all types of jazz, like Dazzle Restaurant at Ninth and Lincoln, where there are artists doing everything from classical jazz to Dixieland, so he has a wide variety of subjects for his paintings.


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