Students get new required course

Class in financial literacy needed for graduation


The Englewood School Board has unanimously approved expanding graduation requirements for high school students, requiring them to take a course titled “Personal Financial Literacy.”

Karen Brofft, assistant Englewood school superintendent, told the board April 1 that the request to add the course was to help students have the financial knowledge to manage money successfully.

“The addition of the course also is needed to equip our seniors with the knowledge they will need when they take the Temporary Colorado Assessment Program in social studies starting next school year,” she said. “We recommend students be required to take the course in their sophomore year. The information they learn will be reinforced in the required economics course.”

Brofft said students now learn about handling personal finances in economics and social studies classes. However, the proposed class will focus on helping students develop knowledge about the financial world.

“Much of the personal information, such as balancing a checkbook, is taught as part of curriculum in other courses,” she said. “Students in the new course would learn about subjects such as what deductions come out of a paycheck and an overview of ways to safely invest money.”

The proposal would make Personal Financial Literacy a one-semester course.

Brofft said the district received a grant from Great Western Life to hire a coordinator to help develop curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade regarding finances. The grant allowed the district to hire the coordinator for this year and most of the next school year, plus the money paid for professional development on the issue for teachers and the materials they will need in class.


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They should add a mandatory Anger Management class too.

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