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Graduation 2017

What would you change about the world and why?


“More super powers cause there aren’t enough of them today.”

— Avery Hall, Arapahoe

“I would erase all social media and erase the idea of it from everyone’s mind because it has created a false reality for teenagers, and I think our generation has lost the ability to speak to one another about problems and emotions.”

— Macy Ziegler, Arapahoe

“I would take away all the hate and negativity in the world.”

— Jordyn Baker, Arapahoe

“I would want to change how much it costs to travel because traveling is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.”

— Brian Thomas, Arapahoe

“How people treat each other and want people to see that they are not alone, because there are many people who think they are alone but they aren’t.”

— Gabe Smith, Arapahoe

“I would make it so that people would be more able to look past themselves and see the bigger picture. This would solve so many conflicts in the world as well as simple ones and open peoples’ minds to new worlds.”

— Derek Whitesides, Arapahoe

“Give people with disabilities equal opportunities and give them the ability to realize their potential and not have to be confined to the label of their disability.”  

— JJ Zykan, Cherry Creek

“How we treat one another. If everyone lived by John Templeton’s motto, ‘It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice,’ the world would be a greater place.”

— Katie Kovarik, Cherry Creek

“How quick people are to judge one another, because the first step to solving our issues is understanding each other.”

— Molly Frommelt, Cherry Creek

“How quick we are to judge others based off an initial meeting, story or assumption. Oftentimes, we forget to put ourselves in the shoes of others or find the time to really take a moment to think about how something we say or do could have consequences that we can’t imagine. I feel like if we started to assess people as a whole rather than based off of implicit biases and prejudice, we’d be able to solve a good bulk of problems we currently see in the world.”

— Fese Elango, Cherry Creek

“The way the media has forced people to see beauty as pretty and skinny. I think it is wrong to just judge people by how they look because I think everyone is beautiful in his or her own way.”

Courtney Schauer, Englewood

“I would do away with all the hate in the world. I would do that because there are millions and millions of people in the world and all are different, and there are people when they see people different from them, they hate them and that hurts the people they hate. I guess that makes the people who hate feel superior.”

Samsam Khalif, Englewood

“Eliminate hunger. I would eliminate hunger because I believe everyone in the world deserves to have a life worth living where they have enough to eat, so they can be able to turn from trying to get enough food to looking at the world around them.”

Megan Rafund, Englewood

“The way people look and think about other people. I would change the negative thoughts about other people. I would change it so people stop just looking at the outside of others. Most people have a lot of good in them, but others don’t see that because of their negative thoughts about others.”

Derek Demilt, Englewood

“I would put a stop to all the wars in the world. I would do that because I believe that when people are fighting instead of loving each other a lot goes wrong. I think that results in bad judgments and that is what is wrong with our world. I feel that could change if there weren’t wars and people could see each other for what they really are.”

Sam Westra, Englewood

“The change I would make would bring happiness to everyone in the world. Everyone needs happiness and without happiness there is nothing ... Happiness can transform lives. We have seen what happiness can do. There is more happiness now that gays are generally accepted and more happiness now that there is less racial tension.

Daryl Culbreath, Englewood

“Our global community. The world could progress more effectively with globally cohesive nations.”

— Katie Bullen, Heritage

“I would eradicate the feeling of apathy that many people have for each other and many social issues. There are so many problems in the world that could easily be solved if only more individuals cared about them once they learned about the problem at hand.”

— Eva Doherty, Heritage

“The fact that stereotypes exist. So many times my friends or classmates have wanted to do something but worried about how they would be perceived. Everyone should be able to participate in the activities and sports they want to without the fear of being considered a ‘nerd’ or a ‘jock.’ “ 

— Daria Davidoff, Heritage

“It would have to be anger. There is so much hate and anger that it kills.”

— Chelli Sherrett, Littleton

“How much conflict there is in the world. A lot of stuff going on in Syria right now, and the Middle East in general. It’s been going on for years and I think that needs to come to an end.”

— Nick Pepper, Littleton

“Ending what  I call the epidemic of apathy. What I mean by that is that people just don’t care anymore. We gotta fix that. We gotta get more involved in what goes on in the world, in others’ lives and stuff like that. I think we will build a more globally conscious world, which is good. “

— Ethan Trampler, Littleton

“Censorship. I would change censorship because people’s art and people’s music are being censored for dumb reasons and they can’t express themselves because it’s too ‘inappropriate’ or ‘explicit.’ You know curse words or naked bodies offend people. Embrace differences.”

— Danny Ogles, Littleton


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