Q&A with Paul Noel Fiorino, candidate for the 1st Congressional District


Party: Unity Party of America/Colorado

Residence: Denver

Campaign website: https://fiorinoforcolorado.com/

What makes you the best choice for this office?

I have eight campaigns that have kept the dialogue on the arts in participation of the governments, local and national. Colorado is the top in the nation, and we need to lead for more arts education with a basis of dance awareness. The election of an artist, advocate and TV producer would bring Congress into the next evolution of the broadband, cloud, BankingTech and environmental hope for the sustainable future economy for health and the pursuit of happiness in Denver, Colorado, America and the world. A positive attitude of change.

If you're elected, which one single issue will be at the top of your agenda?

The National Endowments for Arts and Humanities are constantly undergoing attacks by executive orders or by our president and congressional leaders who have no regard for their ownership. You have a legacy in YOUR ENDOWMENTS and they need to be protected, along with freedom of expression and speech. They should be a political force for diplomacy and the pride of a nation. Cultural differences are the most important to uphold in a democracy and to have representation is paramount to maintain a Republic.

If you're elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

Denver has the distinction of the cable capital of the world, and the next phase will be satellite internet and broadband networks, and .coms in every home for education and information programs. Productivity growth is happening now. The support of the television industry has the facilities and technology to accommodate it all.

Teaching for the 21st Century will be by screen for many and possibly for the future of urban and rural community and schools, public, private, charter, etc. Getting the services needed is the challenge now.

What measure or measures will you push for in the new year to make strides toward economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID19 pandemic has no boundaries. The effect of it on our economy and sanity is preparing us all for new paradigms. I think it's time for the bipartisan issue of Universal Basic Income (UBI) to be considered for the changes in the employment sector. Gas and oil in Colorado will be the ones to develop their transition to a more sustainable environment where Colorado also leads. A state bank in the post office can model the unique experiment with accessibility to those who need, and credits to those who choose to reinvest in the valued nonprofit community that one day may take care of you.

What is one thing Congress can do to achieve social justice?

Pass legislation to reform the penal system and do away with the private for-profit prisons with the highways of felons who move from place-to-place using valued tax dollars and keep one guessing where they are. The overbearing costs and the amount of time and resources that Colorado has to expend, and the abuses on the guardians and inmates is taking its toll.

Release and parole more, and adjust sentences to fit the crime. Time served should not mean you lose your citizenship and can't vote. They should still maintain that privilege and support the constitutional right to vote. Voter suppression is a real problem today.


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